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Do you want to change, find healthy alternatives, reorganize your daily life, make your own cosmetic, household or homemade cleaning products? Do you aspire to a Zero Waste lifestyle? But how do you go about it? Where to find your resources? Jenn Abush is all about good plans, tested and approved natural recipes, but also natural and organic products.

Why make your own cleaning products?

Our closets are overwhelmed by chemicals, pollutants and expensive! It’s time to realize that buying household products in supermarkets is an ecological disaster. Housewives used to make their homemade (and very efficient) household products based on a list of super simple basic products.

However, some basic products are sometimes difficult to find in stores. Why? The big multinationals, manufacturers of household products, for whom it would be a real economic disaster if the secret of these products and recipes were to spread! So, why make your own cleaning products? There are three reasons, clear and valid enough to make you change your mind:


Household products found in supermarkets are often overpriced! I did a little comparative study: there’s no secret, making your home cleaning products is much less expensive than buying them!


In our western countries, cancers, respiratory diseases, asthma, allergies or sterility are constantly increasing. Recent studies show that these diseases are most of the time directly triggered or aggravated by the unprecedented chemical cocktail that surrounds us: the air is in poor health, the water is almost toxic, the vegetables in the supermarket are almost harmful! It’s time to realize this.


A chemical cocktail means an ecological disaster, the long-term effects of which are not yet known. Let’s think about tomorrow’s world, our children and our Earth, which we have a duty to care for. Alternative solutions exist!

So, are you still hesitating? Let’s say goodbye to these industrial household products! Come and take a stroll on this blog and read the tips and recipes to make your own cleaning products. It’s good for your wallet, your health and the Earth!

– It’s time for a change!